Contouring Tips

Makeup contouring has taken the beauty industry by storm. And the rave on this makeup technique continues to intensify especially with more celebrities and beauty gurus sharing their Instagram-perfect looks.

Now if you are one of the people who is often left wondering how the makeup artists mastered the art of contouring, this article answers your questions as we highlight the basic techniques that you must know to achieve the perfect contour

Tips for your Face Shape

Makeup contouring is not just about blending and highlights, you have to consider the shape of your face to know the areas that you need to enhance and work on.

Round: For this shape, contouring should be done on the temples, sides of the jawline and cheekbones to create added definition and enhance the dimension in your face to make it look more oval.

Square: Soften the sharp angles of your face by adding contour on the sides of your forehead and underneath your cheekbones, with the direction pointing towards the chin.

Oblong: Focus should be given on the forehead and chin as this will add more dimension to your face. Contour at the forehead, then on the sides of the jaw, before blending towards the chin area.

Heart: Contour should be done along the sides of your forehead and temples as this will create a balance between the upper and lower parts of your face. Attention should also be given on the small point below your chin to make the area look soft.

Triangular: When contouring a triangular-shaped face, the goal is to create a proportion between the narrow and broad points and make it appear more oval. Contour should be on the jaw line while adding highlights to the temples and under the eyes.

Oval: People with the oval-shaped face should contour right below the cheekbones for added emphasis. The goal is to make certain areas of your face more prominent.

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